Friday, August 8, 2008


photo by Deviant art

weekend wordsmith prompt searching

Our love lost to me

Your scent upon my pillow


Wind whispers your name

Gentle rain upon my face

Brings back memories

I am at peace now

The moon peeks from behind clouds

We bathe in its glow

Your laughter and smiles

Forever etched in my mind

Will not be forgot


Greyscale Territory said...

There is a magical, soft yearning in this poem! Lovely!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful, longing ...

June said...

The expression of what I feel after reading this is "haunting".

lullaby said...

This really touched my heart.

the phrase "your scent upon my pillow" you describe so well the loss of someone and their scent can bring them back for a few moments. Very powerful!

Library Girl said...

very nice~melancholy but serene, I think. Who hasn't been there