Sunday, August 10, 2008


from Deviant art

These daily rituals,

a silent snap,

you’re drowning in the slosh, slosh, slosh

of the washing machine.

There was a time you wanted to think

Beyond 2+2=4.

Craft a well-written story, creating a

Piece of art that stands the test of time.

Dreams lost, a dirge’s cake, eaten slowly

swallowing the pain one bite at a time.

Too late it keens, to push beyond this



Wordcrafter said...

Ahhh, no, not too late, anyone who can write a poem at the kitchen sink to the murmur of the washing's music, is well beyond mediocrity!:) White Rose, there is a secret holiday island hideaway somewhere, where my muse has joined everyone else's muse for a summer break. Hold tight..:) they are coming back soon.

Nathan said...

I really get this. You're writing is so connected to real feeling.

paisley said...

this is visionary.. the line a dirges cake, eaten slowly is perfection.....