Thursday, August 7, 2008


Your words fall

like over ripe

fruit, into that

red meaty marrow

of worn out arguments,

don’t close your eyes

the love is still here, waiting,

lend me your lips, I’ve changed

rediscover me. Kiss the wine

from my mouth, dance upon

my body and uncover that

which makes me shiver

into that liquid place.


Nathan said...

This is really beautiful. I like the way it hones in on the heart of things in the center with the lines "I've changed / rediscover me" You really open up all the connotations of the word "discover." I also really like what you do with the shape of this piece.

paisley said...

i love the visual form on this piece.. excellent...

Cynthia said...

OooOh...Rose lend me your lips, I've changed, rediscover me -words
that would make my ears perk up.
Sensual, the earnest honesty is
believable, Don't close your eyes
the love is still there.
Beauty lines mingle into a
beautiful piece.