Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Tapestry of Women

Wisps of lives
Shrouded under the
Words of men
Whispers begrudgingly
inked on the yellowed
And cracked pages
Of history
And some a burning
Thread, impossible
To deny, distorted,
Stamped with the
Mark of Sinner or
Saint, their very
Nature shackled
In subservience
This is the tapestry
Of women’s history

copyright Sherry Obsheatz


June said...

So true!

paisley said...

i cannot help but wonder at times who originally propagated the myth that men rule,, and women should indeed be subservient... well,, i mean i know it was men,, but why????

Ralph Murre said...

A good poem - and true enough, I think.

Yet, there have always been women who choose not to be subserviant. I know, because I'm the son of one and have married two. And yes, though it may not always be comfortable, it appears to be a choice.

White Rose said...

I definitely agree, there are women who choose to be subsurviant.
I was trying to get across, that even women who blazed a path through history their true nature was distorted. She either had to be sinner or saint. Where as men in history we get a feel for their personality and who they were. I do realize all history is skewed, by the people that write it, but I think it is even more prominent with women. And how many women haven't we heard about?

And Paisley, I have asked that very same question over and over, Why, subjugate women, people of color...
power I guess...

rebecca said...

"shrouded under the words of men," that is an excellent line. truthfully captured...and, still in the 21st century, patriarchal societies still exist.

Id it is said...

Yet, a tapestry that hasn't given way
Threadbare perhaps, but
it sure is here to stay!

Beautifully woven!

paisley said...

i had to change my domain name to please change your links and or feed as necessary

all you will have to do is remove the - from between why and paisley,, everything else will remain the same and will redirect you to the correct page.... sorry for the inconvenience...

texasblu said...

I agree that there has been too much history being changed - it's hard to know what's real, let alone a woman's character. In this context, I can completely agree that women become subservient to words of men. However, as you mentioned, it goes both ways - many a man's character has been twisted and changed by those who's purpose is served by doing so.

I thought this was an excellent piece - very thought provoking, and gave your readers vivid images to work with. I'm sure too, that we all had specific women in our minds when we read this - strong women, such as Pocohantas, Abigail Adams, Lizzie Stanton, Queen Elizabeth, Marie Antoniette, Joan of Arc, among many others. And for all those who did not "blaze a trail", but raised healthy families, content in their quiet strength, perhaps in that too, history has done them an injustice, painting them as weak when in reality it takes strength to bear children, to raise a family, to immigrate, to support a man in his endeavors (not to mention her own in the form of quilting bees, taking care of neighbors, war efforts, etc.) - even cooking and cleaning were no small tasks for women in history. I believe we weren't truly liberated until the day of the dishwasher! Well done Rose!

SunShine said...

It's very true, and that is why we can see throughout history the glimmer of the most subtle actions from women in their attempts to be equal as the men's society. I was watching a program last night on the History of Sex on the History Channel. Very interesting stuff there! Anyhow, I was intrigued by a Native American tribe in New England at the time of the Puritans. Apparently, women were given the leadership in that tribe. I wanted to find out more about that. How fantastic yes? I also, find it interesting that the the women who were "kidnapped" by the indians and then rescued by the white men would escape at night to return back to the indians.

Wonderful poem my dear. Great imagery as well.

jyotsana said...

hi the words bring forth such reality...we live under labels stuck by men, our personalities shy under heavy pressure...this is the cultural construction of the feminine.

life is good said...

A very aloud post aloud i mean the just and vigor

Sayani said...

is nt that still ruling ?
i agree 100 % with you