Wednesday, May 14, 2008


For Melissa, my fellow insomniac

Fingers of sunlight filtered through
A curtain of billowing clouds
As a chorus of colors sing
In notes of pink, red
Purple and gold
Look, look they seem to chant
I’ve done this all for you
But it remains mostly unnoticed
Except for a very few
Who stop and gasp in awe
At the perfection they behold
And in those fleeting moments
Life’s problems seem so slight
As the hues slowly fade and
Wink out of sight
And weary from his fiery display
On Nights cool breast
The Sun quietly lay

copyright Sherry Obsheatz


jyotsana said...

hi this is a beautiful poem....sometimes the magnanimity of nature makes our miseries insignificant. and honestly, i kept looking at that beautiful picture more than the words.
p.s. ya i dont have a son, i have a six yr old daughter. that was written thru buddha's perspective who had a small son whom he abandoned before he went to the forests.

life is good said...

well that really caught myself imagining ...and very few poetry can do it
i simply loved it.thanks for sharing !!!!

June said...

Love the way you described the sunset here. Are the photos you post with your poems yours too? This one is great...

janetleigh said...

Hello, White Rose.. this poem is simply beautiful and dreamy. I love the colors woven through it and its soft tone. Love it! Thanks for sharing it..:)