Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Closet

Shirts neatly folded
Stacked in orderly rows
Whites with the whites
Blue with the blues
And down below
Set in decorous lines
A regiment of shoes
Each paired with their
Appropriate mate
Lying in the corner
Soon to be discarded
A neglected heap
Of the faded and torn
Everything as it should be
Coded and categorized
It makes life so simple
Never having to search
Never having to think

copyright Sherry Obsheatz


June said...

You're not describing MY closet! I try, but my clothes always rebel :-)

SunShine said...

Lots of symbolism here....I see what you mean. Kind of like the homes that are built that all look a like and in time will become rundown...very Stepford!

gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

Shivers- reminds me of the times in WWII when Hitler strove to achieve something akin to this closet.

Yes,people of all color, faith, and sexual orientation should be treated as equal with "no thought." It just should BE. Excellent symbolism among the deeper meanings here.