Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Path of Life

How did I come to be here?
My footing lost on the
Slippery rock of regret
A life rewound and scrutinized
Crucial moments snagged,
Hidden in the thorny bramble
If I had turned left here
Or maybe right
If I could go back
Clear away the brush
Of course, it is too late
I am poised on the threshold
Future paths gleaming
But indecision blocks my way
I grasp the hand of wisdom
And clasp love to my breast
Realizing, it is not so much,
The direction, but who I
Choose to guide my step

copyright Sherry Obsheatz


paisley said...

and sometimes,, i just stop where i am ,, lay out my blanket and rest,, not going left or right,, forward or back,, i just wade in the mire of that regret,, until i am able to own it,, to be comfortable with it to know that it is part of me,, and not my oppressor...

June said...'s like making a long putt in golf: getting the exact direction right isn't as important as getting the distance right. Each decision makes a segment of your life that changes your life. No crystal balls to help, but you're wise to recognize that a good guide - inside and/or outside yourself - is key.

White Rose said...

Very well said Paisley! Sometimes you need to just stop.

S.Ghosh said...

to choose the heart is a a nice option coz in turbulence it is the friend who speaks right

jyotsana said...

i agree completely with paisley...why turn away miseries because they dont look so well or speak so well when we welcome their cousin joy with open arms?
and white rose i read the poem and dedicated to me.

White Rose said...

No I agree with you Jyotsana, the sadness makes us who we are just as much as the joy. But I was just trying to say, learn to move on from regret and learn to make decisions whether right or wrong with love and not pettiness or hate.