Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Gossip

It all started so innocently
A little shiver of pleasure
At a bit of scandal
Bandied about
Add a little to the rumor
A tad of elaboration
Breathed in delighted ears

Idle talk no longer whispered,
Behind cupped hands
Oily laughter and
Waspish remarks uttered
In social gatherings
A twisted thing uncovered
For all the world to see

copyright Sherry Obsheatz


paisley said...

what an absolute perfect description you have here for the chain of a piece of gossip...

oily laughter
waspish remarks
twisted thing...

really nice...

June said...

Funny thing how gossip takes on a life of its own. Your words tell its story so well. I often wonder why it's so appealing. Is it that we're not capable of talking about something substantive, or it it the dynamic of insider/outsider?

SunShine said...

The photo with this poem gives great imagery to your words. The twisted and tangled web of deceit held by all that whisper and hear the gossip. All are guilty and it does become a large chunk of mass sitting heavy in the air. Fabulous poem!

Id it is said...

The visual caption makes an apt depiction for the web of lies that gossip mongers spread.

janetleigh said...

What Paisley said..:) You've nailed the poison of gossip down so well, White Rose. I really like the fresh/innovative use of oily laughter and waspish remarks..I like what that feels like in my mouth as I say "waspish" - don't try that 10 times fast, tho! The photo is awesome and oh what a web of gnarly lies within..heh heh

jyotsana said...

what a lovely picture...and a nice poem