Thursday, April 17, 2008

Damaged Goods

Damaged goods, inflicting damage
A sickness festering in the dim
Light of hate
Sharpened on the grindstone
Of ignorance
Spewing forth putrid slights,
N*gger this and n*gger that
Fag this and fag that
Whore this and whore that
The virus running ever deeper
Manifesting in false smiles
Bottled in sugar-coated insults
And sold to us as
Thug this and thug that
So gay this and so gay that
Bitch this and bitch that

And the ones in their lofty perches
Laughing and gloating
At the teeming masses of
Poor and working folk
Ever satisfying their
Greed machine
All the while nurturing
This multitude of abominations

copyright Sherry Obsheatz


wordcrafter said...

Wow... I now see why you like mystic game keeper's poetry (Mystery and Madness) she has the same knack to convey emotion with such power... Wonderful, I love the way it sort of kicks complacency out of you

wordcrafter said...

Thank you for visiting my page. I left a response there, under your own comment.

SunShine said...

Such powerful words and uttered with the absolute truth dripping from every single word. I am blown away. (I also want to send you a hug for your comment, you are the dearest xo)