Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Secret Language of Sisters

My Sister
And I
Hand in hand
In a world
That only we
Can see
Thoughts uttered
Without speaking
Comfort given
Without asking
Arcane gestures
That only we
Can grasp
Confidences shared
Under twilight
Pools of joy
And sorrow
In which only
We can bathe.
Together we
Tethered in
A bond of
Love, which
Keeps the
Darkness at bay.

for my Sister Michelle

copyright sherry Obsheatz


jyotsana said...

first thing first........the pictures were so lovely that i honestly did not read ur words for some time...they just didnt allow, they were all saying so much.and then i read the poems....lovely i must say.and are you twins?

Id it is said...

I loved it and I just forwarded this to my sister! Your words have captured the very essence of this special bond!

wordcrafter said...

I enjoyed your site White Rose, came across it through a friend's (Mystery and Madness) I am also new-ish in Blogger and happy to be inspired and share- new discoveries. I think You will enjoy Princess Haiku's site too, which I found recently. Find link on my page. Will be back to read you again. Best wishes.

SunShine said...

Your sister must be so proud of you asI know you are of her. These words are a true gift of the soul and I know if I were her I would treasure them always.

A life once lived said...

This is so true and beautifully written!

Thank you Sherry.

Love you!