Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Demon of Rheumatoid Arthritis

I am a taut string
Of agony
Being plucked
In some
Discordant waltz
Ripping and tearing,
Twisted into something
A misshapen
Pulp of flesh

Hours, days, of this
Hellish existence?
I don’t know,
I have lost count
Another bit of life
Snatched from me

Battered and exhausted,
The sweet
Mantle of sleep,
Settles upon me
A short reprieve in
This endless sea
Of wretchedness.


A life once lived said...

I decided to join the blog site here.

Thanks for writing about this subject...

You do have a way with words. I wish I had such talent.

SunShine said...

Do you suffer from this? Someone close to you? I have never realized how painful arthritis could be. I love the line "Another bit of life, Snatched from me" - this is a constant echo that nobody ever seems to hear until they sit with that awareness themselves.