Friday, May 6, 2011

For Mom

My Mom was brown as a berry. She was happier in the summer.
The sun, the water, she had movement in the water. I think
it gave her freedom from the pain for awhile.

I'd like to say I was compassionate and I understood. I wasn't.
I resented her, why couldn't she do what the other kids mothers did?
As her body betrayed her, she collapsed inside and became more
withdrawn. If only I could have understood what she was going
through. The frustration she must have felt and no way to vent

I'm sad knowing, that I was not the daughter that I should have
been. I wish I could have made her life a little easier.
I understand now Mom and I wish I could tell you in person.

My Mom had RA when there were not a lot of treatment options and she suffered terribly.

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Tulika Verma said...

Mothers, they understand. Always.