Saturday, April 16, 2011

For Our Joxer Boxer

Gently smiling
listening to the soft whuff whuff
as you trot beside us

We're not ready
as you look up at us expectantly

but that pasture is calling
with its moon tangled in the wisteria
and its silky shroud of stars

We give you one last hug
as you dart into the night
leaping and bounding to a new sunrise


Anonymous said...

Major cuteness! Love your blog, glad I found you. tammy

Anonymous said...

Goodbye my Good Boy, goodnight sweet prince.
All the medication, all the care you needed, at least you were
not in fear and only slighty dopier than usual right until the end.
Everywhere I look, there are large, Boxer shaped holes in this house.
We miss you, we miss you, we miss you.
Please come see me as I dream, you know I'll scratch your head
and give you a big kiss and a hug.
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye.