Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Moment of Brilliance

I’m enmeshed in thinking,

ideas scrawled on wet

sand. I’m riding that satiny

place between just about to

discover and discovering,

words; that will make a

difference. Truth caught in

a net of punctuation. The

sun turns a fiery gaze

to consider the emerging

sea foam flowing, ebbing,

washing away. Frustration

tunneling into sweater pockets

pulled close against the

coming night, searching for

a glimmer of inspiration.

There are so many times when I am just about to fall asleep a great idea comes to me.
I always say I'll write it down in the morning and of course by then it is completely forgotten.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Writing is like that! It's like trying to hold water in your palm.
But you always create a beautiful
mood and express yourself expertly!

Id it is said...

'I'll write it down in the morning and of course by then it is completely forgotten' that happens to me too! Those magical moments are lost and regretted with vehemence the next morning when you draw a complete blank on the idea that was!
Perhaps that's how Wordsworth coined the phrase 'spots of time'...

texasblu said...

Oh I get this! This is why I started leaving a tablet by my bed.

I want to apologize. I am neglecting everyone. We have the hearing in Nov to adopt my nephew, and then maybe I'll be a "good" blogger then. Even my inspiration from the murky dreams of sleep are slow.. I think it's because I can't think of anything else but, how will the judge vote?


Chandini said...

You may write down some key words of that idea, or better still just memorise it.
And do not worry, it just means that the idea was not ripe yet. It will come back at you when the time is ripe and beg to be written!

Jackie said...

How wonderfully stated - riding the sanity is something I struggle with everytime I write - or don't write - or express - or can't express. Nice way to convey a writer's block: something I face daily!

PrinceofDarkness said...

I really like your word choice (diction) in this poem. I don't know if the format matters as much as just how the words flow, one over the other. Nice work!

Cynthia said...

Frustration tunneling into sweater
pockets, wow, that is such a
insightful phrase.
I know what you mean, the ideas
come late, and we are so sleepy.

Beatrice V said...

Truth caught in

a net of punctuation ...

A delight to read this poem, White Rose

paisley said...

i so know of what you speak,, i even keep a tiny tape recorder next to my bed for just such occasions... but do i use it??? well that is another story entirely......