Friday, August 15, 2008

Sitting Quietly

Emotions by ~aoi-me
Deviant art

Your clothes lying on the floor,

Document, record, ammunition.

Perceived slights remembered,

thrown into the next fray like

angry wasps. How did I become

this hard, sharp-tongued woman?

The stings travel to your eyes, I

see the hurt there. I want to pull

this soft spot from inside me and

not smeared upon my sleeve

but in my hand, a beating gift to

show I still love you. Quietly,

I wait, hoping you make

the trip back to me.


paisley said...

any one that can say that love doesn't hurt... has evidently never been in love... this was so delicious......

Jackie said...

I love this - it brought tears to my eyes from that familiar place that I remain tangled by stings --- and or the one who is sometimes labeled as a Queen wasp. Beautiful.

SunShine said... recent goals in life is to be softer and to hold less tension within. I know these words too well, and it does prove that when you hurt others, you also pain yourself. Beautifully written.

June said...

I know this feeling. Sadly, I know it often and recently. I think hurting is born of being hurt...not sure how to get out of the cycle.