Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Beginning of a Relationship

There’s a crack, a crack where

the accusations were thrown.

Hopes and expectations pinned

on a relationship flung

together with alcohol

and cigarettes. Let’s go

back he cries. Back to the

beginning. We loved each

other once. Those people

don’t exist I smile, taking

his hand, they never existed.


June said...

OMG, you nailed this one! So true, so true, so true...and yet...maybe these people do exist...this is our soul showing through...when we let love overtake our self. It cannot sustain life on earth.

Nathan said...

Yes, this really hits home. "flung together with alcohol and cigarettes" -- this reminds me of some of my own experiences. Well done

janetleigh said...

Yes, nailed it, indeed! And WOW I love your new blog look, White Rose. This is a thing of beauty! Hope you're doing well, my friend..:)

Id it is said...

'thrown', 'pinned', 'flung', 'let go'... a violent coming together no doubt; the crack had to follow. Beautifully said!
Your words remind me of the famous "This is not the end, not even the beginning of the end; perhaps the end of a beginning."

Chandini said...

Wonderfully eloquent. Love and violence. Heady mix!

Wordcrafter said...

Ouch.... I am so squeamish about endings... in the beginning things move at such speed, hard to keep up with one self.Then, the ending, it goes on for all eternity... just too awful, I could not write about it without breaking down:) I only can bear it, by turning it to satire in alcohol soaked girly gatherings:)