Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Siren's Call

painted by the talented Natasha Thompson
a friend of mine

something a little different

A bit of Gothic and rhyme

A wraith suffused with silver light
A fluttering of black wings take flight

Luring many hapless throng
With their poisoned and shadowy song

On her breast rest a thousand sighs
Desire snakes behind those wanton eyes

Devilish delights from scarlet lips did fall
With the entrancing notes of a siren’s call

A Belle of moon glow she holds court
And with her suitors makes merry sport

As lovers gathered at her feet did swoon
They're tenderly enticed to their doom

Sundry blissful beating hearts were stilled
Her unholy hunger could not be filled

For the pluck of life she did crave
But cursed she is, chained to this cold dark grave

Some say in that blackest hour she does weep
Ever pleading for death’s final sleep


June said...

I felt like I was reading Poe!

Cynthia said...

Oh, I love the gothic sensuality!

Nathan said...

Well done gothic. It reminded me of Poe too. I'm in the minority but I love all kinds of rhyme when it's good as it is here.

Nathan said...

p.s. Wonderful painting. I love the way it includes a "frame" then breaks it.

Michelle said...

You have a such a talent! I love reading your posts... and your friend too, she's quite an artist!

rebecca said...

loved the last two stanzas ... the whole piece was, yes, very poe-ish and very, very good... poe, master of the macabre! loved it. just loved it.

and what talent your friend has as well. nicely paired.