Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dance

I just watched Becoming Jane and I loved the movie. This scene was so sensually beautiful and these words just popped into my head.

These fleeting intimate moments
Step, step, turn, step
Our fingertips touch; a flood of joy
Curtsies and bows and secret smiles
Delighting in the way you move
Constraints forgotten and give way
To a crisp unencumbered passion
This sweet ache I gladly bear
For this night, this music
Under these stars
And the light touch of your lips
For this brief hour shall sustain me
And in the morning I shall mourn
For this beauty that is scarred
By propriety and society
Knowing that I have loved more
In these few winks of time
Than many have loved in a lifetime

"The good do not always come to good ends"


June said...

"...knowing that I have loved more in these few winks of time than many have loved in a lifetime." What a line!

Nathan said...

This poem exactly captures the sense of the dance in Austin's time. "This sweet ache" is perfect.

Michelle said...

I hate to copy June's comment, but I thought the same exact thing as I read your beautiful poetry!