Thursday, April 24, 2008

The phone Part II ...*69

Hello? “There’ve been others,” the voice whispered. “Who is this?” asked Elena cautiously. “Other what?” Oh, you know who this is,” said the voice coldly. And she did know. She never wanted to think about Danny’s wife, pretending she didn’t exist made things easier. The thought that her actions might actually be hurting someone was pushed from her mind. Now she could feel her carefully crafted fabric of her illusion being shredded by the jagged shards of reality.
“What do you want?” Elena snapped. “You think you can change him,” the voice said bitterly. “He’ll tire of you, just like all the others. I know he has that way of making you feel like you’re the most important thing in his life.” “Does he touch your brow lightly and give you that little boy grin?” she asked maliciously. Elena gasped. “He does, doesn’t he,” she laughed triumphantly. “Do you really think he did that just for you?”

“He l..l.oves me” Elena croaked. “You don’t honestly believe that,” said the voice in disbelief. “Do you ever think about what you are doing to me or my daughter? You get all the best parts of him and I am left with his moodiness and bad temper. Oh, there is a dark side to Danny you never see.” “Are you finished?” Elena said stiffly. “No” said the voice coyly. “I’m pregnant. I’m sure he told you we weren’t sleeping together. Well, he lied.

The phone slipped from Elena’s hands.

copyright Sherry Obsheatz


SunShine said...

Oh YOU are so good with that title!!! I LOVE IT! So, the story unfolds with us finding that both these women are powerless in their own right. The wife knows about Elena & others, yet continues to keep up the charade of the happy marriage. I am curious as to the next 'chapter' of this very intriguing tale. xo

wordcrafter said...

White Rose, this Phone Calls are compulsive, such a good, ingenious angle for a story. We think of the voice, disembodied, in the dark, hear the suppressed sobbing, taste the bitter words. The phone slamming down. Beautifully thought out. Teasing the reader almost.

White Rose said...

Thanks so much for your comments. Very much appreciated and it keeps me in the writing mood.