Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Phone Call

“Elena is that you?” he asks. “Merry Christmas!” she says brightly. “Do you think you can come over later tonight?” “Elena we talked about this. I can’t possibly come over tonight,” he says slightly annoyed. Silence. “Elena are you there?”
“I gotta go,” she says abruptly. “Oh come on, you don’t really want to hang up,” he says, gently mocking her. No I don’t want to hang up her mind screamed. I want to be the one that wakes up next to you on Christmas morning. I want you, to need me as much as I need you.
“ I...I just wish it was like it used to be,” she whispered.
“How was it?” he laughed lightly. “Effortless” she breathed.

She could hear him sigh. “Honey, we’ve talked about this. You know I have a wife and child,” he said with exasperation. “I know, but it’s Christmas,” she cried.
And I’m alone, she thought gloomily. He is with his family and I left mine to be with him. Couldn’t he give me just a few hours? I’m a fool, a complete and utter fool, she thought angrily.

She could hear her in the background. “I’ll be there in a moment Cyn,” he says casually. “Elena I have to go. We can plan something nice tomorrow,” he soothes. “Just the two of us the whole day. Elena?” “Yes, yes I’m here. That would be great Danny. Just the two of us,” she says sullenly. She slid the phone quietly back into its cradle and wiped the wetness from her cheeks.


wordcrafter said...

I like idea of the poem as a phone call... touching, saying what it means to say without artifice. Beautiful.

SunShine said...

You have the ability to evoke many emotions in just a few words. The conversation displayed how utterly trapped and desperate Elena is. It also displayed the power that 'he' has over her. Powerful stuff here!