Friday, January 23, 2009

How to Tame a Shadow

We try to tuck them away

in dark places, hissing

shadow upon shadow,

creeping into the corners

of our mouths and flicked

from oily tongues.

Dig deep and pull,

lie them naked upon

the table and let us see

them as they truly are,

spineless and quaking

in the morning light.

We give them names

Ignorance and Hate

For in recognition

no longer will we

prey to their cunning

words and charismatic



June said...

Well said...and I hope true!

Michelle said...

you are a wonderful poet. I love this.

Michelle said...

OH MY GOSH - are you working for Sunday Scribblings now, or are you just clairvoyant? This week’s word, “Phantoms and Shadows” seems like you’re already done and get to post first!! How cool!

floreta said...

i like your blog layout and your music! and i like this poem a lot too.. you do a good job!

Rinkly Rimes said...

'spineless and quaking'.... what a picture of abject misery!

SmallWorld at Home said...

Oh, this is wonderful!! I love the flicking from oily tongue image. Fabulous!

jyotsana said...

i wish dear the courage to face the 'is ' always remains with us...wounds hidden may never get healed...
i loved that last poem of yours esp that part where u talk about her being tucked inside....
and i am happy that u r back, white rose...
we are a strange species of blogging friends here .... we know...we feel about the other but we can do nothing for each other.

paisley said...

i wish i believed we could fell them with simply giving them names... i believe each of us needs to be willing to dig a little deeper than that...

totally love having you join sunday scribblings.. it is such a fun collection of writers.....

White Rose said...

June it was nice to hear from you as always

Michelle so good to hear from you. You were missed. I'm not working for Sunday Scribblings, maybe a bit clairvoyant, but thanks to you, I think I will start posting some stuff on their page.

Floreta, Rinky Rhymes, Smallworld at Home thanks so much for taking the time to visit. :D

jyotsana so glad your back and I love you photo (your beautiful). Yes, the blogging community is a bit strange, but I do think we help each other. There have been many times when I was feeling depressed and a kind comment made me feel better. There is power in heartfelt words.

Hi Paisley, good to hear from you and I think it is not in just the naming but in the recognition (the laying naked) and seeing them for what they truly are,that is the first step toward change.

Id it is said...

However, 'words' and 'smiles' don't always victimize;
they can heal and temper the most bruised of hearts,
and this isn't hearsay.

Loved your poem, but wanted to bring in a little sunshine at the end, so pardon my alternate ending!

gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

well written
Great imagery that brings your work vividly to life! Enjoyed your word choices such as
"flicked from oily tongues"
"naked upon the table"
"give them names"
"charismatic smiles"

Tumblewords: said...

Timely words but they would have been long ago, too! Nice work...

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Your poem offers powerful images and a metaphor for the temperament of snakes in positions of power.
Beware! Just my interpretation of such subjective expression.
I loved it!

Chandini Santosh said...

Well, the Blogger Community is not strange at all, neither worse than the real nor better. But yes, we do reach out and yes we get to see the shadow - boxing and the pain behind the smile.

Chandini Santosh said...

Where are are you Rose? Everything fine?
And yes, my foot is getting better every second. Thanks.

Smita Tewari said...

your poetry is just too good1 Reflacts a vibrant poetic mind. Keep writing!

Smita Tiwari said...

Your poems are too good! Keep on writing!

smita tiwari said...

Your poems are just too good! Reflects a vibrant poetic mind,
keep on writing

smita tiwari said...

too good! Keep on writing...

Cynthia said...

Yes, pull out the roots, especially the sneaky ones, the
daily "littles" of hate and ignorance, we let slip by, because
it's always the other fellow or
gals fault.
Excellent poem, Blanca Rosa.