Saturday, November 8, 2008

News Item

Sorry I've been away. Real life getting in the way. I want to thank Rebecca, Petra and Mary Lou for the awards. (blushing) I will do a more detailed post when I get some time. Don't forget about me! :D

lots of love Sherry


June said...

Glad that you made an appearance...I figured you were busy but it's good to know you've not disappeared for good :-)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Understand. And you'e very welcome. You have a breattaking blog and your writing is superb!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Looking forward to your return and hoping all is well.

Chandini Santosh said...

Forget? Was that an ENGLISH word?
Forgetting is an act of remembering again and again.
And once more.
Perhaps depression is an epidemic.
I too am depressed. No whys.No clues. Cluless.

Id it is said...

See you back soon.

White Rose said...

Thanks every one! Dealing with some personal issues that I don't want to bore you with. Your comments were like a breath of fresh air.