Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Middle-aged White Woman's Rap

This came to me in the middle of the night and would not let me sleep until I wrote it down.

This hate congregated pontificated feeding bleeding

into tears fears preachers pounding pulpits. Repent!

Repent your vote, they should take note, Jesus was

a communist and threw out the capitalists and every

one hatin’ on the socialist. They decry it, I want to

scream we already have it and the rich are reaping

the benefits. Classist fascist crashing smashing

white on black on black on white. Thoughts molded

folded wrapped around this chant of freedom, see them,

dying, mothers crying, politicians lying. Not looking for

a savior, just better behavior with some smarts and a

little heart. The lame ducks don’t give a $%&* hiding

their crimes biding their time in the big White House

on the hill.


June said...

Oh don't I wish we could fast forward to January 2oth!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I can see why you couldn't sleep! Oh ya, this HAD to get out of your system. Didn't it feel like a great weight was lifted afterwards?

Nathan said...

I love "Classist fascist smashing..." This is really cool.

SunShine said...

this reminds me that the atmosphere is so different in other locations of this country. I just wished we all could see that we must all meet in the middle and do things together. I don't want to see the whole world pile their hopes onto one man. We all must help as well, and meeting in the middle is the best place to start. You are correct though. There are many bitter people out there who will rather hold onto their pride than to do what it will take to forage this country through a difficult period.

Oh and yes dear - we are perhaps sitting on a similar chord in life right now. I am doing my best to be as front and honest with him now. It took time to thaw - then to accept an apology, but it doesn't solve the problem. Had a heart to heart with him last night and I think he realizes how fragile things have become.


Ralph Murre said...

love it when wordplay goes to work . . . nicely done

- r.

rebecca said...

wow! that's some serious stuff you had to get out! yeah, i'm feeling ya! loved the wordplay, babe, loved the wordplay.....oh yeah....

Lynda Lehmann said...

My sentiments precisely!

Powerfully written and effective!