Friday, October 10, 2008

Liquid Sunlight

If you could open this skull
of mine, I wonder what you
would find? A mind wearied,

worry stretched,

from synapse to synapse.
Perhaps a reversal, an
infusion of life, a surprise

understanding, that we are
walking stardust and all of this
doesn’t really matter. Life is

liquid sunlight

captured in a cracked teacup.


Marty said...

If you could open this skull
of mine, I wonder what you
would find?

Blood, and gore,
and so much more,
the makings of a mind.

The human understanding
Held in a three pound lobe
Pulsating gray anatomy
The central system globe

The mind is marvelous to me
And these words of yours are light
that fill my cup (completely up)
and guides me through the night

paisley said...

very beautifully said... sometimes i think if you opened up my head... a bunch of question marks would jump out!!!!!!

June said...

Well said! I think a lot of us are reflecting on life these days...

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Absolutely lovely! Would't it be wonderful if our percepetions were captured as rays of light in a cup to be savored and shared. Just

Thank you for your comment and vote on "Sharing Popcorn.." The votors' favorite Paul Newman films were a 3-way tie: The Color of Money, Somebody Up There Likes Me, and Cool Hand Luke. James Earl Jones was voted the by a landslide as God. I hope you enjoy "Columbus
Meets Captain Jack Sparrow."

White Rose said...

Thanks everyone! Marty your comment was wonderful! Thank you!

SunShine said...

First off, I love the sound of 'liquid sunlight' ~ it's an unusual and elegant image. Secondly, the stardust comment is very interesting (and the whole concept behind your poem) as a friend & I were discussing this very thing ~ the universe as a whole and our bit part in it so small, yet so grand.

I adore this poem ~ you are such a fantastic poet! xo

White Rose said...

Thank you Sunshine, my bright and beautiful friend!

texasblu said...

"we are
walking stardust"

"liquid sunlight"

love love LOVE these images!!


White Rose said...

Thanks so much Texasblu!

angel said...

Very nice! We all have many things running around in there.