Thursday, October 16, 2008

Conversation with the Moon

We’re having a full Earth tonight

says the moon. I smell coffee

burning. Blackbirds whirl around

a wounded tree bleeding autumn

colors. I think I’ve had too many

glasses of sleep. There is something

you have to understand says the moon.

Reality is another form of imagination.

This is seeing! The words are tattooed

on the inside of my eyelids. My fingers

are sticky with words and I don’t know

if I can wake up. This is a dream I state

to the moon. Maybe, maybe not he says.

Will I remember any of this? Everything is

negotiable he smiles.


paisley said...

so many picture perfect lines in here... and a perfect picture to accompany them as well......

White Rose said...

Thanks Paisley, I wanted it to be visual and a bit erratic the way a dream unfolds.

Marty said...

Very dream like indeed!

Jannie Funster said...

Beautiful! Love it from the Moon's perspective, Full Earth.

Fingers stcky with words, so great.

Beatrice V said...

I just love the imagery here, and that sense of fluidity between dream and reality. Perfect.