Saturday, September 6, 2008

Republican National Convention

Well, I missed Sarah Palin’s speech and it made me a little curious about the Republican National Convention. So, I decided to catch John McCain’s speech the following night. I turned on C-Span an hour before McCain was scheduled to speak. And this is the first thing I heard, “for Sarah Palin the definition that has been painted by the liberal media of an acceptable candidate has been shattered. An acceptable candidate for the Democrat Party and the liberal media is an angry shrill woman. Who doesn’t see a child as a blessing, but as a burden. A woman who puts her career first.” Stated by, Robin Smith, the Tennessee Republican Party Chairman.

Umm, I’m a liberal Democrat who happens to be a woman. I would hardly describe myself as shrill or angry. I’ve never considered children a burden and I have always admired women who make sacrifices for their children. I consider myself a feminist, I know, it’s such a dirty word now, but I have to say the whole point of the women’s movement is giving women the power to choose what they want to do with their life. If a woman wants to stay at home and raise her children, I say more power to her. She made the choice it wasn’t forced upon her by society.

I make a cup of tea and settle in to watch McCain’s speech. I want to point out that I actually like McCain. He has stuck it out even when his own party started a smear campaign against him in his bid for the Republican nomination in the 2000 presidential election. He has tenacity, but when he walked out on stage I couldn’t help thinking he looks old. And this made me nervous, because what I have read on Sarah Palin makes me cringe.

I decided I needed to see for myself what all the fuss was about with Sarah Palin’s speech. I watched it a few times on You Tube and I couldn’t understand all the excitement. Her speech consisted mainly of jibes at Democrats. I didn’t hear anything of any substance. What I did notice is she is using the same schtick as George Bush. I’m just an ordinary person who understands the problems of the average American. A hockey mom! She used the term "small town" four times in her acceptance speech. Why are we falling for this again? Are Americans that clueless?


June said...

Easy to understand why you think she sounded like W...his speechwriter wrote it. The guy must be a happy Joe...finally someone who can speak! Seriously though, it is discouraging to see so many people falling for it. For some strange reason, Americans look down on intelligence and gravitate toward the "common man". I too used to like McCain, but he's sold his soul to the conservatives and I hardly recognize him now. Picking Palin is a perfect example. I could go on, but I'll not be able to fall asleep if I get too riled...

White Rose said...

June, I don't understand why we look down on people with a good education and have a good mind. When did being intelligent become something to deride? Personally I want someone in office smarter than me!

And I agree McCain has sold out. And I think the only difference between Palin and Bush is lipstick.

Anonymous said...

It's not that the people look down on a candidate with a good education. They just don't want some pompous ass that has had everything given to him or her on a silver platter. People want a candidate that can somehow relate and understand the day to day struggles that the middle class faces every day.

White Rose said...


Don't you think George Bush had everything handed to him on a silver platter? Do you really believe McCain or Palin really have a clue about what it is like living paycheck to paycheck?

We need to stop looking for "family values" in politicians. That's like saying you want an honest politician. There is no such thing! If your a politician you have compromised yourself in some way.

I want someone who is capable and intelligent enough to handle the job!

Not someone dressed up as a cowboy or portrayed as a hockey mom.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Am in total agreement with you, white rose! Bottom line is they just don't want to talk about the issues becuase the very issues which concern the average American are issues they have created! All that concerns them is cowtowing to corporations and money!