Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life After Ike!

Well we are without electricity again. It's so frustrating! 70% of the Houston area is without power. That is not including the surrounding counties. This city is basically at a standstill, with little pockets of normality. We were fortunate enough to get a generator and a window unit A/C. I can't believe this isn't getting more news coverage. There is a large majority of people having trouble just getting food and water. And it is supposed to get back up into the 90's soon.

My husband volunteered at one of the POD's, (points of distribution).
He said you saw all kinds of people. Many were in dire need of food, ice and water. And some obviously taking advantage of the situation.

I'm thankful we have food, water and a lamp on. Keep Houston and Galveston in your thoughts we need it. So many people have lost everything!


Wordcrafter said...

White Rose, I have nominated you for the I Love Your Blog Award. :-)

Please visit my blog and see.

(PS I understand if you choose not to follow up, we don't always have time for cyber-play, however I thought it would seem churlish not to reciprocate for the Blogger who gave it to me)

Nathan said...

You're right about the news coverage. Thanks for letting us know about your situation. You're in my thoughts.

A life once lived said...

This city should have been prepared for this storm. Didn't the government learn anything after Katrina? Yes, they learned that they aren't going to be giving out as much help or debit cards here in Houston.

People still can't get ice. People don't have the money to re-stock all of the food they have lost. Kids can't go to school. People can't go to work. They told everyone to stay in Houston and ride out the storm. It would have been better if a lot of people would have evacuated.

What's their advice? Be patient...

Government is a joke at the local, state, and federal level!

White Rose said...

Yeah, I think we were more prepared than New Orleans but not by much.

I think neighbors helping neighbors is what's holding it together. There has been very little crime and people have really looked out for one another.

I do think Centerpoint Energy has done a hell of a job. But I'm sorry FEMA is a joke! It is bureaucratic nightmare. They should have been more organized.

I'm not expecting miracles, just more efficiency!

Jackie said...

I can't imagine how frustrated you must be - our great leaders seem to forget to prioritize and take care of those at home.... I am so sorry that you are going through this.

Jannie "Funster" said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I need to drop some stuff off at the foodbank tomorrow.

Thanks for reminding me about helping others.