Friday, August 29, 2008

The library

So quiet this library, rows of books soaking up
hushed tones, but there

is life in these pages.
Phoenicians sail on a river
of vowels gazing hungrily

upon fertile shores.

Chants of gratitude
offered up
to pagan gods.

Shh! Scolds the librarian…

As an echo of merchants haggle with travelers
from exotic lands

in a market heady with spices.
Colorful cloths flutter in the breeze,

silken threads

woven with
scented hands.

So quiet this library as a book slides shut
on a clamor of ancient

voices. Dreams uncovered in the sun
baked ruins. So quiet…


June said...

Indeed,libraries are sacred places...

Nathan said...

Yes, I love the library and it smells so good. This is a wonderful poem, I really like the contrasts you draw here.

Mallory said...

i really admire you for starting a blog because you wanted to write more, thats why i did it too! i found that i loved writing but i would let myself get too busy or distracted to really do it. ill just say that im really glad you made this blog because its so beautiful :) <3

Marty said...

This is a beautifully written piece and you have a beautiful background that I could not see from my other stupid computer at work.

I too love books and the stories of the ancient ones, thank you for putting that love into verse.

Cynthia said...

A wonderous peace and lovely
literary quality inhabit your
poem Blanca Rosa. I'm reminded
of my very first feelings as
an adolescent visiting the library.
An enchanting poem, and I love
the new look of your blog!

Michelle said...

I love this! I felt myself going back in time when I would get excited about the books only to be hushed by the librarian!

Jackie said...

Oh how beautifully written.
I am reminded how sacred
libraries really are - and
how lonely the web can
really be in comparison
to the companionship
that books provide...

Your poetry always
provides quiet reflection!