Sunday, August 17, 2008

for Rochell

I kept your

kaleidoscopic ink,

A friendship chronicled,

Words ribboned

in attar.

Roses in a vase,

A mantle-piece shrine,

Always close to my heart.

still missing you


Cynthia said...

Beautiful, heartfelt words, a
bouquet in itself.

Michelle said...

Beautiful tribute to friendship!

Loved it!!

p.s. I also love the new love of your blog. I'm not sure when you 'renovated' - I've not been around in a week or so... but I really like it! :) I'm hoping I'll feel motivated to put some new words on my blogs too. It's hard sometimes.

June said...

Another gem! Worthy of the award I've given you...

paisley said...

amazing words,, and a picture to die for... what more can i ask.....

SunShine said...

a moving dedication of a friendship that surpasses all things in this universe. xo