Friday, July 4, 2008


Two images I found on flickr and I did some photoshop

I've always been fascinated with the character Bertha Rochester from Jane Eyre
And also Jean Rhys' version of her in Wide Sargasso Sea

Shadowed eyes hide
Dashed hopes and dreams
Of a young girls soul

Dear sweet Antoinette
Wrapped in warm and sultry nights
Scented in exotic blossoms

Now stoned in English winter
Adorned and baptized Bertha
From this coldness madness grew

A spark once burning bright
Forever cries in torment
And paces darkened halls

Mr. Rochester in ignorance folds
A memory upon his heart
Of a woman he never knew


June said...

I am again blown over by the power of words. I'm left thinking not only about poor Antoinette - for she really was never Bertha, was she - and too, about my life...each of our lives...all of us with a piece hidden away.

paisley said...

what a sweet lament for that which never was.. this was breathtaking,, and should definitely be read aloud....

texasblu said...

A great gothic feel - I really like it, esp. the last stanza.

Cynthia said...

Haunting poem White Rose. I loved
the Wide Sargasso Sea, and felt for
this naive, longing young woman.