Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Retro Moment

Surry - to move with the expectation of having a good time

Hefting the iron
Hot and cumbersome

My mom would starch a mountain
Of dad’s work shirts

I would jump up and dance
When Motown would drop

On the battered stereo
Hissing and popping

As the needle fell into the groove
Of the 5th dimension

Chiming throughout the house
Can you surry, can you picnic?

Gliding across the linoleum floor
Damp hair brushed back

We’d surry down to a stoned soul picnic
Until static signaled the record’s end

Can you surry?


June said...

Oh yes I can! I got a smile at seeing/hearing the 5th Dimension once again. I loved "Up Up And Away" too. I remember they were one of the black groups that didn't threaten White America.

SunShine said...

What a fun poem, and full of fabulous imagery of when records were played and there was not rush for them to end. I loved this!