Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Art of Self-Loathing

I often wonder why, it is so hard
for us to let go of past mistakes.
And why we hold on to all the
insults people hurl at us and
yet, we can barely remember
when a single compliment given

A heart scored
with the
petty slights
of dull people,

Stupid, Fat,

Not good enough,
lashed open
with the hand
of self pity
and the
healing sutures
Of forgiveness
and acceptance
Spit from the
barbed tongue
Of rancor,
a life unable to
Move forward,
to a cycle
of misery

copyright Sherry Obsheatz


paisley said...

you know what rose,, i have spent the last year hashing and rehashing,, going over my life with a fine tooth comb,, and picking apart every detail,, and today when i read this for the first time i feel as if i may have exasperated the gloom.. i mean,, i could still recount all those things,, but it would be without tears and remorse... so maybe dumping them on the page really does help after all..

White Rose said...

I had to work through some stuff too. I won't go into the details, but I walk with a limp. I just got to the point, that if all you can see is this limp then you are not worthy of my friendship.
If you can't learn to let things go and just be the best person YOU can be, not what someone else expects of you. I think you are going to be miserable all your life!

SunShine said...

We all do this don't we? I really must suggest a book "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. It's a fascinating book and deals with this. In the end it's our ego hanging on to these things because it became an identity for it to hold onto. It made me so aware and enlightened me. It even gave me the understanding how to let these kind of things fall off me and I must say it has been life changing. A new way to confront yourself *ego* through your soul's awareness.

White Rose said...

Hey Melissa, I'm going to check out the book. I certainly could still use some help.

"In the end it's our ego hanging on to these things because it became an identity for it to hold onto. "

I believe that is true and I think it becomes a crutch for us, not being able to move on with our lives.

A life once lived said...

OK, I'll quit my whining! I don't know why it's so hard to love myself. Sometimes I just think it's something in our genes, or the way we were brought up.

Time to get over it and live!

texasblu said...

I just went through a 21 wk course teaching me about this stuff. You are right - it does become "who you are" - as best I heard it once put, "we doing act the way we think we should, nor the way other people think we should, but how we THINK other people think we should." Yikes - as my husband & I have moved from that frame of mind, our families have had a really hard time. After all, we are no longer act like "ourselves", but who we truly are. What a relief!

rebecca said...

Earlier this year I posted a piece on the empowerment of words...and how they aid to define who we are. I concluded the piece with the following:

"Let the exchange of words be not filled with ill-will, envy and anger, instead let that exchange be productive and transformational for the betterment of yourself and others. Simply, let the words we use daily be the single, most important form of empowerment we use in our lives."

Words...the most powerful tools we have at our discretion....they can heal and they can injure...and, yet, many speak so freely with no thought of the mess they sometimes leave behind.

This was beautifully written, White Rose. Loved the image on top and your poem. Both, nicely done.

rebecca said...

here white rose, i just found this thru another site:


Cynthia said...

So very true, I find myself holding onto the slights and letting go of the positive, I am
really going to make an effort to
change this