Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lady of New Orleans

Buffeted by wind and storm
Her delights scattered round
Her soul the Old Oak tree
With roots buried deep
In the midst of desolation
Her dignity she did keep
Adorned in finest purple
With brush strokes of
Green and gold
Her brightly painted face
Turned bravely to the world

She gathered up her skirts
To the sea, she did bow
Yes, you have done your worst
And we shall not soon forget
Though buried in the wreckage
Our spirit did not break
From her heart poured music
And laughter filled her streets
Her beauty burning bright,
This Lady of New Orleans

copyright Sherry Obsheatz


Anna said...

Hi, a while ago I received the E for Excellent Award at Free Poems. I was supposed to pass it on to 10 bloggers but only passed it to 5 so far. Your blog is incredibly beautiful and I would like to pass this award to you as well. So, there, it's yours.

paisley said...

bravo!! it has always been one of my dreams to attend marti gras at least nce in my lifetime to bask in the glory of your lady of new orleans....

SunShine said...

Oh my dearest friend...this is fabulous. The imagery is absolutely marvelous, and the ending of cheerful courage is inspirational!

Jackie said...

Still reading and loving every poem you write - absolutely beautiful!

Anna said...

Thanks for your comment and link. I have linked back to you from
Poem Poem Poem and
Free Poems. Keep going on your beautiful blog.