Friday, April 4, 2008


In the hush
Of the night
Sleeps tendrils
Shrink and wither
And among these
Little deaths
My mind is
Thoughts that
Once lay dormant
Bloom like
Moon flowers
Pushed through
Fertile ground

In the first
Red blush of dawn
Brings the wind
Of slumber
Eyelids droop
And mouth
Goes slack
Folds its petals
And hangs its head
To drowse

copyright Sherry Obsheatz

1 comment:

SunShine said...

Oh yes, this does touch the very core of the restless thoughts and sleeplessness that comes with it. I am always up too late and in the morning wishing to slumber till my heart's content.

A marvelous poem - an honest poem
I really liked this one.